First HalfEdit

The episode opens outside of the Irie Clinic with the voice of Takano stating that if everything proceeds without incident Jirō will die the following night. Inside, she is dressed in her nurse's uniform and talking on the phone. The voice on the phone is Nomura's. Takano explains she will use the drug H173 which induces a LV-5 Hinamizawa Syndrome. Takano muses about the irony that research into a treatment helped develop a drug that does the opposite. Nomura states that Jirō's death will be the first step to bring suspicion upon the Irie Institution then Tokyo will take care of everything else. After she hangs up, Takano stares at the vial of H173, then makes another phone call. It is to the Economy Hotel Okinomiya, and she asks for Jirō's room 406. He is not there, and Takano calls herself a "fool" and wonders why she feels the need to talk to Jirō when her words discussing his murder had "just barely left" her mouth.

The scene shifts to outside the house Rika and Satoko share. We hear Akasaka say, "Operation 48 Hours," and the scene moves to inside the house where he talks with Irie. Akasaka has explained the plan to pretend Rika has been dead for 48 hours, and Irie agrees it will shake up their opponents. Irie reveals that the Yamainu have stepped up their presence. The scene focuses on the daily calendar hung on the wall showing "Saturday, June 18th."

The scene then shifts to outside the Furude Temple with banners for the Watanagashi Festival. Takano is walking up the steps as Irie walks down them. It should be remembered that Rika and Satoko live in a home behind the Furude Temple, and these are also the steps Takano climbed when she tried to return the 10 yen coin in a previous episode. They are both surprised to see one another. Takano claims she came to check out the preparations of the festival. As they pass, Takano darkly asks if he knows where Jirō has gone. Irie claims he does not know, and Takano stares at him then says, "I see"--そうですか. She is then startled by the sound of a drum. Irie interjects that he looks forward to the festival, and Takano, staring into the distance, agrees that it will be a "lovely festival." Both sides have used "festival" as a sort of euphemism for their respective plans.

The scene moves later in the day with Ōishi entering the Sonozaki house. Mion asks "how did it go?" to which he laughs and gives an "okay" sign. Ōishi admits that everyone joined his plan surprisingly easily. Hanyū turns to Rika and happily proclaims that with so many allies they can be confident. This is the first time Hanyū has been optimistic regarding the future. For her part, Rika replies in her adult voice that only a few days prior they were on the verge of giving up yet again; however, this time, they may do it. Again contrary to her usual pessimism, Hanyū encourages Rika that they cannot win with "such a half-hearted attitude!" Rika is persuaded. Meanwhile, the rest discuss the timing of their plans. Mion suggests that the best time to "attack" is not at night. Rika and Ōishi catch on, and Ōishi notes that people hate to be woken up before dawn more than at midnight, when they are still half-asleep and liable to make mistakes.Mion proudly proclaims the operation will commence the following morning, June 19th, at 4 A.M. While the rest cheer and talk, Rika smiles and wonders--in her adult voice--who will win.

The scene shifts to a phone ringing next to a digital alarm clock that reads "0417." Takano answers the phone and reacts in shock. The scene immediately shifts to the outside of the Irie Clinic then moves to the inside where Okonogi demands what is happening in a control room. He addresses the various squads of the Yamainu by the names of birds such as "egret" and "skylark." Takano enters and is informed that at 4:15 A.M. they received information that an unidentified corpse at the Okinomiya Police Station "has been confirmed to be our target." Takano cannot believe this, and protests that Rika should be in bed with a cold. Okonogi continues that reports indicate that 48 hours have already passes since her death. He confirms that there are no signs of the Hinamizawa Syndrome in the villagers. Takano cannot accept this, since symptoms should appear "as soon as thirty-six hours." Okonogi retorts that according to his agents in the station, the information is very reliable. Takano can only rant about the basics of the Hinamizawa Syndrome while she pulls out a copy of Takano Hifumi's thesis and scrapbook. Since the villagers are not showing symptoms, Rika cannot be dead. When asked about surveillance, she is told that no one has left the home so "the target" should still be inside. Okonogi boasts that their surveillance is "flawless" and Irie confirmed her presence in the house. This would contradict her being dead for 48 hours. She is then told that "Nomura from Tokyo" is calling for her. Stunned that Nomura would already know about the situation, Takano orders to have the call put through to her room and the body at Okinomiya Police Station be investigated immediately.

The scene shifts to the "Identification Office" where the pathologist Kanshiki smiles as he tells Ōishi's subordinate that there is no way to turn back. The subordinate vows that "they" will have to go through him to enter the morgue. The Pathologist jokes he will look after him when that happens. The phone rings, and the Pathologist mutters, "Here it comes."

The scene shift to Ōishi asking another detective listening with headphones, "where did it come from?" The detective states it came from an "Inspector Ōtaka from Prefectural HQ." As will be understood later, Ōishi refers to him as "Ōtaka-kun." He continues to himself: "So that brainiac was a spy!" and that though Ōtaka chose organized crime investigation he is "just an organizational dog himself." After the call is over, Ōishi calls Kanshiki to ask him how it went. Kanshiki laughs and states that while "the rookie was acting like a smart ass," he "told him off good!" Ōishi leaves the office and repeats a line from a children's game.

A disturbed Takano hangs up the phone in her room. She declares that the information must be false since if it is not. . . . She does not complete the conclusion as she looks at Takano Hifumi's thesis and scrapbook. She clutches her arms as she vows she will not lose just yet.

Second HalfEdit

After the commercial break, the scene opens again outside the Irie Clinic. It then shift to the control room with a number of men talking on phones and into head-sets. Okonogi instructs someone on his head-set to contact him and Takano when they have more information. He then contacts surveillance of Rika's house who confirm that someone is inside. Okonogi rants about not knowing who, exactly, is in the house and that they do not have Takano's approval to enter it. He is interrupted by a subordinate who reminds him that with the festival occurring that day, infiltration of her home without notice is impossible. Okonogi suspects that this is "perfect timing." He quickly concludes this must be an "enemy attack." He wonders what enemy would have the ability and information. He then suddenly demands the gathering of "Skylark."

The scene shifts outside of Jirō's hotel. We hear a phone conversation between him and another man regarding the body of Rika found at the police station. The man considers the accuracy of the information "exceedingly high so there is little doubt that the Queen Carrier has died." A shocked Jirō initially protests but then surmises to himself that since Okinomiya Police Station is in Ōishi's territory, this is probably part of his plan. Jirō proposes that, given the situation, an emergency investigation of the Irie Institution be started as well as the Banken unit being put on standby. The man on the phone agrees but states that the Yamainu were urgently mobilized earlier.

The scene suddenly shifts to Okonogi and members of the Yamainu kicking down a hotel door. Seeing the room unoccupied, he concludes that Jirō predicted their raid and elements of their operation are being leaked.

The scene shifts to Ōishi and Kanshiki sharing cigarettes. They await the appearance of Ōtaka.

The scene then moves to Okonogi leaving a hotel different from the one Jirō has been staying at. He instructs his subordinates to "contact Raven in Tokyo" to determine the number with which the Investigation Bureau has been in regular contact. If the number is in Shishibone, they have Jirō's location. Okonogi concludes that the mere fact the Investigation Bureau is acting means they are suspicious of them. He is told it will only take "a few hours" to determine the number.

The scene shifts to Okonogi and his subordinates traveling in their vans. He receives a call and identifies himself as "Phoenix One." He is informed that the Banken have received a "standby" order. Also, the head of the Investigation Bureau has been in contact with the Chief of Staff. Okonogi realizes they are running out of time.

The scene shifts back to Okinomiya Police Station where two men open the doors for a third. This man is confronted by Ōishi who greets him with "Ōtaka-kun." Ōtaka takes it as the insult it is intended to be, reminding Ōishi that he has instructed him not to address him that way since he is now his superior. Ōishi brushes it off and calls him "Ōtaka-kun" again, stressing the "kun." When Ōtaka states he has urgent business and tries to pass him, Ōishi blocks his way. Ōishi reminds Ōtaka that Okinomiya Station is not his territory and asks him to leave. Ōtaka protests that the unidentified body is connected "to an incident we are secretly investigating," and refuses to give further details. Ōtaka puts his hand out as if to push Ōishi away. Ōishi grabs it, tells him he will not pass, and, "I have two thousand Hinamizawan lives on my shoulders. You know what I mean, don't you?!"

Ōtaka feigns ignorence, and Ōishi informs him that "his master" plans something horrifying. Ōtaka protests that Ōishi is obstructing an investigation to which Ōishi accuses him as an accessory to "mass murder." Ōishi then pushes Ōtaka to the ground. Ōtaka demands his arrest, but his two subordinates are too cowed to move. Ōishi suggests he try to arrest him himself. Ōtaka tries to punch Ōishi only to be thrown to the ground. Ōtaka claims that his "client" will not keep quiet about this incident. When asked who this "client" is, Ōtaka proudly proclaims that "It's the man you dread so much, Councilor Sonozaki!" laughs, and claims he is a personal friend.

Suddenly, Ōishi greets someone behind Ōtaka: "Were you fined for speeding again? If so, please proceed to

Who the Hell are You

Akane and Sonozaki Saburō

window number eight." Sonozaki Akane protests that her car's engine "stalls at the legal speed" and laughs. She is accompanied by Sonozaki Saburō in traditional dress. She asks Ōtaka if he really speaks with Councilor Sonozaki, or just his secretary or someone else. Ōtaka boasts he speaks with Councilor Sonozaki directly, to which the man with her demands, "Who the hell are you?" While Ōtaka protests their rudeness, Ōishi laughs at a "scene taken right out of a comedy." Ōtaka demands to know who the man and woman are. Akane laughs wondering why he does not know. "Aren't I on cordial terms with you?" the man asks sarcastically. Ōishi gleefully reveals their identity to the hapless Ōtaka.

The scene shifts to outside of the Irie Clinic where we hear Takano ask again for confirmation that the Queen Carrier was at home. A clock shows the time is 8:05 A.M. An irritated Irie sits with members of the Yamainu around him. He claims that Rika had a "summer cold" and he checked up on her. She was nearly well, and he surmises she may have slipped out of the house to play. The Yamainu members claim this is impossible since surveillance reported no one left. Takano sternly describes the problem: Irie claims she was there the day prior, the Yamainu claim no one left, and yet how can her body be in Okinomiya Police Station? She is interrupted by another phone call from Nomura. She takes the call in her room. In response to Takano's protests that they are sorting out the situation, Nomura calmly states that her "clients are getting agitated." If the situation continues, the plan will be scraped and the work of Takano Hifumi "will be branded as utter nonsense." Nomura voice become progressively mocking as she imitates the ridicule Takano and Takano Hifumi will receive. "Understand?" she asks rhetorically.

The scene shifts to Okonogi smoking outside his van. He men receive a call from "Raven" identifying the number that has been calling the Investigation Bureau. He dispatches "Skylark" to capture Jirō. The scene moves to Takano in the control room listening in to the communiques. She declares Jirō a "traitor" and "Liars have to be harshly punished." She then wonders if he is the only one betraying her. She quickly orders that Irie be kept under surveillance.

Post-End TitlesEdit

After the end titles, the Yamainu vans arrive at Jirō's hotel. Inside, he reacts to the sound of them progressively breaking down doors. He jumps out of a window, onto a parked car, but is spotted. The scene cuts with him engaging five members of the Yamainu.


Chibi Rika and Hanyū sing "Oryō's Ohagi Song."


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  • EPISODE of the previous Minagoroshi-hen arc, Takano playfully asked Jirō if he did not listen when she "talked in bed," confirming that the two have an intimate relationship.


  • For those interested, Takano apparently sleeps au natural.
  • Ōishi's Rhyme: 鬼さんこちら 手の鳴るほうへ (Onisan kochira te no naru hō he) translated, "Here, Mr. Demon. Come out, come out, wherever you are." This is the same line from the opening music of the first anime series: "Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni," translated by rizuchan as "ogre-san, come here, where I clap my hands," which, as explained by rizuchan, is from a traditional Japanese children's game where, ". . . the 'Oni' covers his or her eyes with a blindfold, and tries to catch the other players just by the sound of their hands clapping. This line is repeatedly said by the other players to encourage the 'Oni' to come and try to get them."

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Kun is used by classmates and superiors addressing inferiors.

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • Takano's confession to herself suggests she may have actual feelings for him.


  • "My speed quote!" - Akane
  • "Who the hell are you?!" - Sonozaki Saburō to Ōtaka