Akasaka Miyuki
赤坂 美雪



Alternate Name Sorimachi Miyuki 反町美雪
  • 5 (Matsuribayashi-hen)
  • 7
  • 28 (Yoigoshi-hen)
  • Birthday June, 1978
    Weapon(s) Gun
    First Appearance Himatsubushi-hen
    Portrayed By Miyuki Sawashiro

    Akasaka Miyuki is a character in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series. She is the daughter of Akasaka Mamoru and Akasaka Yukie. In Himatsubushi-hen, Miyuki was the only survivor in birth when her mother, Yukie, died from the accident.

    Character SummaryEdit

    It is said that she is seven years old, and, so far, she is the only character to have his/her age said outright. Akasaka sees a resemblance to the approximately five-year-old Furude Rika in her. She, like any child, is very energetic, however, Akasaka states that she probably feels lonely without her mother. She is shy, which is shown when she meets Ōishi Kuraudo. In Himatsubushi-hen she is mostly raised by Yukie's grandparents since her father has to work and her mother is dead, but in Matsuribayashi-hen Yukie is alive so she most likely takes care of her. She always addresses her father as "Papa", and is frequently shown worrying about him. Miyuki bears a resemblance to her mother, and Akasaka even says that he "sees the reincarnation of Yukie in her".

    She only appears in the Himatsubushi-hen manga epilogue and in Higurashi Kizuna Sō, including the DS-port of Miotsukushi-hen although there is a picture of her in the anime. She may be named after her mother. She was voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.

    In the exclusive DS-Port version of Yoigoshi-hen, Miyuki appeared in her adult years as Sorimachi Miyuki, under her married name. Miyuki is a freelance writer set on unraveling the mysteries of Hinamizawa with Arakawa Ryūnosuke. It turns out that she's actually actually an undercover police officer who's hunting down Mifune. Just like her younger self, Sorimachi Miyuki is also voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.