Angel Mort
Angel Mort
First Appearance Onikakushi-hen
Angel Mort is a restaurant in Okinomiya. All of the servers are women who must wear rather revealing uniforms. Shion Sonozaki is employed there.

The specialty of Angel Mort appears to be baked goods and desserts.

Role in the StoryEdit

While Angel Mort does not have any real significance to the mystery, it does appear frequently.


  • Strangely enough, the lower half of the Angel Mort's waitress uniform resembles the lower half of the outfit of the The Seven Stakes of Purgatory (characters in Umineko no Naku Koro ni), however, this may only be a reference on Umineko's part to Higurashi.
  • "Mort" is French for 'death' or 'dead', and the restaurant's name could be translated to "Angel Death", "Death Angel", or "Dead Angel". This is possibly a reference to Shion. This theory is strengthened with the fact that "Shi" (Japanese) also means 'death'.


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