Chapter 0 is the prologue of Yoigoshi-hen. It introduces all the protagonists in the story.

Chapter SummaryEdit

The story begins with Hinamizawa destroyed by the Hinamizawa Syndrome. It then shows a newspaper office where Arakawa Ryūnosuke, a free writer, is informed about the Hinamizawa Syndrome by his editor-in-chief. He then decides to go to Hinamizawa to find out more of what happened in the Hinamizawa destruction. The next scene shows a girl trying to get her friend to go with her somewhere. He then wakes up and asks her if she will drive. She accepts and they leave. After that, it shows a boy reading a newspaper about Hinamizawa and dials on his cellphone. He suddenly hangs up and says that everything will end, looking at the sky raining. The final scene shows a lady with an umbrella and a sword walking in the woods.

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