Chapter 1 of Yoigoshi-hen.

Chapter SummaryEdit

This chapter starts off with a boy running down the woods screaming and he thinks that he heard "one more footstep" and that "demons lived". It then shows a group of four people, including Otobe, riding in a car. Machi, one of the girls, peaks out the window and comments on how Hinamizawa looks. Akutagawa, the old lady in the group, then tells everyone in the car about the Great Hinamizawa Disaster. She tells them that it was caused by Oyashiro. Akutagawa then notices that Otobe was looking at his cellphone constantly and asks him if his cellphone was bothering him. He replies that the cellphone signal disappeared and she tells him that they are in the mountains. Chiaki, the other girl, tells him that he didn't have to tell them his name and Akutagawa then says that everything will end soon. After a long talk, the boy leaves the car, only to trip down into the woods. He regains his conscious and looks for shelter. He then hears a footstep and runs away. He suddenly stops, only to find a lady with an umbrella behind him. He freaks out thinking if that lady is a living or dead person. The chapter ends with him thinking that he has taken the wrong path.

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