Chapter 2 of Yoigoshi-hen.

Chapter SummaryEdit

This chapter starts out with Otobe asking the lady with the umbrella where he could find some inhabited place. She then tells him that the inhabited place was in the direction she was coming from and that he could get lost or get there before daybreak. She also tells him that she has a task to do at the Furude Shrine and looks at him. She then mistakes him for Satoshi and Otobe corrects her, saying that he is Otobe Akira. She tells him that meeting him is like some kind of karma and invites him to follow her to the shrine. She then introduces herself as Sonozaki Mion. Otobe then asks her if she survived the disaster or is a relative of someone from the village. She replies that he must answer those questions himself and also asks where are his friends. He tells her that his friends have vanished. Otobe then summarizes from the time he left the car and when he looked back, the car disappeared. Then, he spots a light in front them and runs to it. Mion then gives him a strange glare and tells him not to make any noise. They walk towards the light, only to see an abandoned car there. They continue to go up to the Furude Shrine and Mion tells Otobe that the light they saw came from the meeting hall.

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