Foreshadowing continues from the previous scene. Takano tells Keiichi if the corpse isn’t buried deep enough, “then stray dogs and the like will sniff out the scent and dig it back up.” She laughs to herself as Keiichi has no boke or tsukkomi, elements of Japanese slapstick comedy (more on owarai terms like boke here) to reply with. Keiichi brings up the topic of Tomitake’s bike, which Takano calls hers and that Tomitake picked it out for her, so naturally it would look like his. They pull up to the Maebara house, and Takano repeats that they never met. He agrees, and she says it would probably benefit him that way. He asks why, to which she replies: “You just don’t shut up, do you? Can’t think for yourself even a little, boy?” The first time Takano is revealed to have a dark side. Keiichi slowly walks inside, wondering why he didn’t kill her. As he thinks that she should die by Oyashiro-sama’s curse, he hears a dreaded but familiar noise—a footstep in the water behind him.

Keiichi awakens the next day to find himself late for school, and when he enters the building he spots Satoko’s shoes. He takes a deep breath and enters the classroom saying hello. Everyone becomes silent and starts whispering, Satoko is shown looking away resting her head on the palms of her hands. Aside from Satoko, the others seem happy to see him. However, they begin to talk about him as if he were at the festival. Rika asks if he saw her performance, to which Rena says he did. Mion tells them to ignore Shion’s flirting with Keiichi (see Watanagashi-hen), and the two boys Okamura and Tomita inquire as to the results of the “showdown at the shooting gallery”. Rika replies that Tomitake came in last, and they continue to speak about the festival to the puzzlement of Keiichi. Chie enters and announces that afternoon classes are to start.

Keiichi asks Rena when he met with everyone at the festival, and Mion answers that he was talking with Rika on the festival grounds. Later after classes, Keiichi asks Rika if they did talk. She replies that she met Keiichi when she exited the assembly hall with the village chief and other people dressed in her shrine maiden attire. Keiichi suggests they do some club activities, to which Rena and Rika agree happily. However, when he speaks to Satoko, she tells him to leave her alone. The camera shows tears welling up in her eyes, and she begins to walk towards the door with her backpack covering her face. Keiichi, his eyes changing slightly, says that “he hasn’t come back, right? Him.” Satoko says she doesn’t understand him, and he says he doesn’t understand her, his eyes showing slight hysteria. She begins to cry as she recounts how her uncle abused her yesterday. She leaves with Rika trying to calm her back down, while inside the classroom Mion and Rena ask a befuzzled Keiichi what he means by saying her uncle hasn’t come back. Rena ends up changing the subject to talk about a treasure hunt she and Mion plan to take Keiichi on, all adding to Keiichi’s bizarre predicament.

On their way home, Rena tells Keiichi to wait for her to come over, but he denies her by lying about coming down with a cold. He claims he should go get medicine from the clinic, and Rena agrees after double-checking if he is lying, which he lies to again. She tells him to make sure to go there, he replies by saying he will bring her a receipt. Rena turns around with an eerie stare and says to make sure he gets one (possibly an entry-level hallucination of Hinamizawa syndrome).

In the afternoon, Keiichi arrives at the school and stands before Satoshi’s locker, as he knows he threw Satoshi’s bat into the swamp. He opens the locker door to find no bat inside. He sets up an examination with Irie, and explains the situation to him inside the clinic. Irie diagnoses Keiichi, but he says there doesn’t appear to be any cold. Keiichi asks if he went to the festival, and the doctor nods, adding that he is also an officer for the Watanagashi executive committee. When the doctor is asked if he saw Keiichi there, he replies that was really “drinking the entire time with the chairman and others at the main office.” A perturbed Keiichi asks him if “there exists someone who’s just like me, in every way?” (A question that’s actually quite intrinsic to the series’ plot.) Irie says he has heard of people who look exactly alike, and alludes to the German fairy tale creature the “doppelganger” by calling it a “portent of misfortune”.

When Keiichi details the whole reason for his absence from the festival, Irie says while his profession prevents him from condoning murder, he thanks him sincerely for saving Satoko. As Keiichi begins to cry, he explains that while he is sure he killed the uncle, Teppei appears to be at house quite alive. Irie thinks they should discuss the matter more seriously, and leaves the room to “make some black tea”. Keiichi starts to head towards the restroom, when he overhears Irie speaking to one of his employees, requesting he mix “isomytal and brovarin” (more or less sedatives) into the black tea, hiding it under the taste of milk and sugar. Irie calls everything Keiichi described signs of a mental disorder, leading Keiichi to slide down to the floor cradling his head while he curses him for the messed-up “thanks” for saving Satoko (as he isn’t sure whether he was sincere or not). An employee shouts that someone has found Takano, and the scene changes.

Keiichi begins riding to head to where he murdered Teppei, ignoring the coincidental death of Takano after he swore at her to die by Oyashiro-sama’s curse. As he digs, a flashback adds to Takano’s death, as now she is described as being found in the mountains of the Gifu prefecture as a burnt corpse (whereas in the previous arc Watanagashi-hen it was just the “burnt corpse” part). Suddenly, Ōishi and two other people appear behind Keiichi and coerce him into continuing his dig. Once Keiichi has exhausted himself digging, one of the two anonymous men tosses him out of the ditch and onto the ground in front of Ōishi’s feet. The brutal detective sloshes muddy water into Keiichi’s panting mouth and presses his palm onto the side of his head. Keiichi curses at him, and as with the others tells him to die by Oyashiro’s curse. The man digging hits what presumes to be an old drainage pipe, and Ōishi laughs in his confusion. Keiichi, however, is beyond belief as he tries to reconcile with the fact that the person he murdered wasn’t murdered at all.

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