Chapter Four: Wish




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As Watanagashi-hen opens, Keiichi is telling Rena that he will be “taking a break from school” for a while. Rena hands him a notice describing the disappearances, and Keiichi asks him how she feels about him now that she is aware of him sneaking into the storehouse on the night of the Watanagashi Festival. She slaps him, as she says no one has scolded him yet. Keiichi drops the notice, and upon picking it up reads part of it (“I’d like to share the best soy sauce I received from my relative Akita. Feel free to visit the Sonozaki family.”). He makes the connection, and decides to go to the Sonozaki residence to speak with Mion to apologize. They turn around to see Oishi standing at the Maebara house’s gate, and Keiichi and Rena step inside the car.

The two overhear that Mion is absent from school, and appears to be at her house still. Oishi explains that they can’t perform an interrogation or house search without permission, to which Rena angrily replies that the detective wants to use Keiichi to go inside the Sonozaki house. If anything happened to him, he could use that as an excuse to break into the home. Rena storms out of the car, with Keiichi following behind her.

They walk to the Sonozaki residence, and are let inside by a formally dressed Mion. At a table, Keiichi confesses to Mion and apologizes. Rena explains Keiichi is being sincere, and tells Mion to act seriously. Rena proceeds to detail their evidence and explanation of the disappearances: that Rika came over to get a bottle of soy sauce from the Sonozakis, and that Mion has been hiding her since. Under the table, Mion’s hands start to twitch. Rena tells her that Rika had told Satoko she was going to Mion’s house; that what Mion said to Satoko over the phone could be used as evidence.

Mion begins to laugh, to which Rena asks if she had anything to do with Kimiyoshi’s disappearance. Mion steps back and introduces herself: “I am part of the head house family, the Sonozakis, and heir to the head of the family. I am Mion.” She explains that Hinamizawa used to be called the Onigafuchi Village (or Demon’s Abyss). According to her, the Sonozakis were then wizards proud of carrying the demon bloodline. She relates Keiichi’s fight with the biker gang and how the crowd showed up; the crowd Mion says were descendants of the Onigafuchi Village who wanted Hinamizawa to return to how it was in the past. The character “Mi” of “Mion” stands for “demon”, and it is the family tradition to append the character to heirs of the family. The “Mi” has been engraved on her body as well, she says, and as she is about to show them Rena tells her she doesn’t have to. Walking to the door, Mion claims to have sometimes been indirectly or directly involved in the effects of Oyashiro’s “curse” over the last five years. Mion sinks to the floor, and merely attributes the deaths of Rika and Satoko to the demon inside her name, body, and soul. Rena says that Mion’s willpower was able to save one person--Keiichi--to which Mion wonders why. She asks if she can escape Ōishi, who is outside waiting, but Rena replies probably not. Mion forfeits to Rena, but requests one half hour with Keiichi before she is taken.

Outside walking along a stream, Mion asks to hold Keiichi’s arm. She says that Shion liked Keiichi as well, and that she is still alive. Mion wants to take Keiichi to show him all her wrongdoings, and he replies that whatever he sees, “Sonozaki Mion is my best friend. And that will never change.” They stop in front of a door, where Keiichi repeats what he said. Mion tells him, “I get the feeling that Mion liked you.”

Inside the underground chambers, many instruments of torture are shown. Mion tells Keiichi the dissection tools in the storehouse were akin to the ones here, and that they were manufactured by the Sonozaki family for the Watanagashi ritual. She leads him out of the first room with viewing seats for the torture and into a spacious cavern that houses many prison cells. Keiichi asks about Rika and Satoko, but Mion informs him that she tossed them down a well when she had finished with them. When he sees Shion in a cell, Keiichi rushes over to her. Shion moves towards the bars, calling Keiichi’s name repeatedly, as she sees a ray of hope. However, her eyes widen in horror as she spots Mion behind him, and she rushes back to the end of her cell, hiding her head between her knees and screaming “I’ve had enough!” and pleads Mion to hurry up and kill her if she hates her so much. Mion obliges, but first decides to kill Keiichi. She lifts a good-size rock and strikes him with it--Keiichi blacks out.

He slowly begins to regain consciousness, and discovers he has been strapped against a wooden frame by his hands and feet. With the sounds of Shion vociferating in the background, Mion tells her that she is going to begin, and to enjoy the sound of Keiichi screaming. Keiichi claims that the person in front of him holding a nail and hammer is not Mion, but a demon. She replies that the demon inside her had appeared a long time ago, and that its cause for reawakening was when Keiichi threw things out of order. Mion says had Keiichi given the doll to Mion rather than Rena after the karuta game, nothing may have occurred. She explains the torture she is about to enact: hammering fifteen nails into joints in the left and right hands. Mion’s arm hesitates to bring down the first hammer’s swing, and Keiichi merely tells her to do as she pleases so long as it quiets the demon inside of her--but in exchange, to promise him two things. Forgive Shion, and return the possessed body to Mion. She wonders why he hasn’t requested she not kill him, so Keiichi makes that his third request. Mion chuckles, and says he only requested two promises. She agrees to the third one, as she says “saving Shion is already impossible”, and so is returning the body to Mion. The two hear a loud banging noise, and she says Rena must have called Oishi as the half hour has passed a while ago. After hearing her apologize for “contaminating Mion”, Keiichi replies “whatever happens, the Mion I know won’t ever change.” Tears fall from her eyes, and she tells Keiichi not to come near her from that day on. She draws a taser, and shocks Keiichi at the neck.

Later outside, Keiichi and Shion are put on stretchers. Rena stays by Keiichi, and Keiichi’s voice narrates that neither Mion nor the other victims have been found. Time passes ahead to show a sad Rena saying that she will be lonely now that Keiichi is moving away. That night, Keiichi awakes to the sound of pebbles hitting his window. He finds Mion there, and walks down to meet her. She says it’s “no good”, and begins laughing. Keiichi approaches her, but she stabs him with a knife in the stomach, laughs louder, and flees.

The scene changes to show Oishi and his partner (revealed earlier to be named Kumagai) covering up Shion’s body. It appears she has dropped from the window of her apartment room, several stories high. The next day, Oishi is talking to Keiichi in his hospital room (as the knife wound did not kill him) about Mion’s disappearance. The detective states the police have found Mion as well as the well where the missing bodies were found. He asks Keiichi whether he really was stabbed by Mion, and explains that the body of Sonozaki Mion was discovered in the well. Ōishi tells Keiichi to recall the burned corpse of Takano, and says the resulting autopsy confirming that the body was burned 24 hours after death. Which means that on the night of the festival, when Tomitake, Takano, Shion, and Keiichi snuck into the storehouse…Takano was already dead. The detective says the case has “too many dead bodies walking around”, and leaves.

Keiichi stares out the window, once again thrown into confusion. Out of nowhere, a bloody-faced crazy-eyed “Mion” appears and clenches Keiichi’s arm with a bloody hand. “Back then”, she explains, “I granted you one wish. But in the end, it looks like I couldn’t keep it!” As Keiichi twitches in sudden shock, she holds the nail once more over Keiichi’s hand, and with a maniac countenance laughs--she swings down the hammer, and the screen turns red.

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