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Ryūgū Rena receives Takano Miyo's scrapbook and learns about the existence of the Hinamizawa Syndrome. She discovers many explanations of the symptoms, such as the maggots running through one's blood and the "homesickness" that victims experience when they leave Hinamizawa (which is the scientific reason for why the "Do not leave Hinamizawa" law was enacted). She also discovers Takano's theory of Oyashiro-sama's existence and how the Three Families, especially the Sonozaki family, are fanatics planning to use the Hinamizawa Syndrome parasite in order to revive the belief of Oyashiro-sama. This is later proven not true in Maebara Keiichi's POV, when Sonozaki Mion tells him that her grandmother Sonozaki Oryō would never want to revert Hinamizawa to traditional customs; the Sonozakis were even carrying out a big project of expanding their commercial networks to advance the well-being of the Hinamizawa citizens. Despite this, Rena still begins to heavily doubt the Sonozaki family and even works with Ōishi Kuraudo, who also strongly believes that the Sonozakis are behind the consecutive crimes, in order to uncover and foil the "revival of Oyashiro-sama". At the same time, white vans begin actively following Rena for Takano's scrapbooks and/or to kill Rena (as told through her POV) for the sake of silence.

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