Unmei no wa
Album Wheel of Fortune
Artist Eiko Shimamiya
Composer Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arrangement Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Track Length 5:36

Diorama (ディオラマ) is a song from the single Wheel of Fortune. It is sung by Eiko Shimamiya. It was released alongside the track Wheel of Fortune, which serves as the opening theme for the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni live action film.


Kanji Romaji Translated

高速の エレベーターで
街並みを め下ろしながら

Kousoku no erebe-ta- de
Machinami wo mioroshi nagara
From the high speed elevator,
Although I’m looking down upon a normal city

昇っていきます 屋上まで

Nobotte ikimasu okujou made
I’ll keep going up, until I get to the rooftop

高層の ビルの上には
強い風 吹き抜けてても
金網越しにある その情景は

Kousou no biru no ue ni wa
Tsuyoi kaze fukinukete demo
Kanaami goshi ni aru sono joukei wa

On top of the tallest building,
A strong wind blows, however,
Across the wire screen is that scene

ラ・ディオラマ ひとつもリアリティの無い おもちゃの街
ラ・ディオラマ ココロが 流れださないように 閉じ込めた街
Ra diorama hitotsu mo riariti no nai omocha no machi
Ra diorama kokoro ga nagare dasanai you ni tojikometa machi
La diorama. There isn’t another reality for this toy city
La diorama. I took this city hostage, so that you wouldn’t pour your heart out

ラ・ディオラマ あなたへのリアリティ 時間が消してゆく
ラ・ディオラマ ココロが二度と求めないように 過去を
ラ・ディオラマ 呼吸のリアリティ 今はどこにも無い
でもきっと ココロは 息を吹き返してく この街ごと…

Ra diorama anata he no riariti jikan ga keshite yuku
Ra diorama kokoro ga nido to motomenai you ni kako wo
Ra diorama kikyou no riariti ima wa doko ni mo nai
Demo kitto kokoro wa iki wo fukikaeshiteku kono machi goto…

La diorama. I’m erasing the time of the reality you see
La diorama. So that your heart never desires the past again
La diorama. The reality of breathing no longer exists
But, surely, the breath of your heart will revive this city every time…


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