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Furude Riku
古手 陸
Kizuna riku preview
First Appearance Kotohogushi-hen
Portrayed By Tomokazu Seki

Furude Riku is one of Rika's ancestors, also the Heir and the Shinto Priest of the Furude House. He fell in love with Hainiryuun, and they later had a child together, Furude Ōka. He was the reason that Hainiryuun was nicknamed "Hanyū," because he had a hard time trying to remember and pronounce her name so he shortened it to Hanyū. He was voiced by Tomokazu Seki.

Riku has a polite yet bold and playful in personality, never having feared Hanyū for her horns and even giving her a nickname upon their first meeting. It is later revealed that he was the infant that Hanyū had rescued 20 years prior.


  • He seems to be quite fond of the priestess suits, if not on a level comparable to Irie's maid love.


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