Orignal VN Release Date December 31, 2006
Anime Air Date(s) August 21, 2009
Manga Release Date(s) December 22, 2009
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    Part of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei, Hirukowashi-hen (昼壊し編, Daybreak Chapter) is based on the fighting game Higurashi Daybreak. While on a picnic, Ryūgū Rena accidentally ends up swallowing one of a pair of magical magatama, one of which is red while the other is white. Legend says that the person who has the red magatama will be attracted to whomever has the white one. The legend is apparently true as Rena falls, in turn, for Tomitake Jirō, Takano Miyo and Ōishi.

    Hirukowashi-hen was altered for its release on the second Kizuna game. Because Hanyū will not be revealed until the next Kizuna game, Hanyū has been removed and her role taken over mostly by Rika, with Satoko taking over Rika's original role. Shion has also been added. Additionally, for unknown reasons, instead of falling in love with Ōishi, Rena falls in love with Irie, and the characters play baseball instead of mahjong to win the magatama.

    An English translation was released on March 28th, 2015.

    Anime PlotEdit

    An agitated Hanyū summons Rika to the Saiguden to see an incense burner with a broken leg. Hanyū explains that her ancestors used this to seal something, and the broken leg means the seal has been broken. She directs Rika to a nearby scroll that explains the situation: there existed two "Jewels of Accord," or magatama, which can possess the bodies of people and lead them "to the gates of Pandemonium." Rika
    Jewels of Accord

    Magatama--"Jewels of Accord"--depicted in the Furude scroll.

    suspects this means a massive outbreak of the final stages of the Hinamizawa Syndrome. Hanyū explains that if used properly the Jewels have a wonderful power; however, since they are so dangerous, Rika's ancestors sealed them in the sky. With the release, the Jewels will descend upon the village. When Rika asks Hanyū what this means, she can only "Auauau" in fear. Sitting with Rena on top of her abandoned bus in the junkyard, Keiichi eagerly devours cookies she made for him. A curious Rena wonders if Keiichi will only accompany her on her searches for "treasure" because of her cookies. Jirō, accompanied by Miyo, photographs them. Miyo playfully accuses Jirō of ruining Keiichi and Rena's "date." The ever-clueless Keiichi protests that he and Rena are not on a date. Jirō teases him that by spending more time with her, Keiichi and Rena strengthen their bonds. Miyo giggles in sly agreement while Rena repeats Jirō's words and blushes in excitement as Keiichi's protests. From above, a tiny bright light descends into Rena's mouth. She coughs, and
    Rena Blushes

    Rena blushes at Jirō and Miyo's suggestion that she and Keiichi are "strengthening their bonds."

    Miyo suspects she swallowed "something"; however, Rena smiles and claims she feels very well. Miyo suggests to Jirō that they cease getting in Keiichi and Rena's way and leave. Rena asks the embarrassed Keiichi what "getting in their way" means, only to become excited as she is when entering her "Cute Mode." As a protesting Keiichi tries to calm her, some distance away, a small jewel in the trash reflects the light.

    In the evening, Rika and Hanyū search the junkyard. Hanyū can sense the presence of the Jewel. She explains that the Jewels were originally "marriage jewels" that would make two people fall forever in love. The two locate an empty box with depressions in it that indicate it contained the two Jewels. At this point, Hanyū confesses she can only locate the box and not the actual Jewels. Standing in the midst of all of the junk, Rika proclaims Hanyū "useless."

    The following morning at school, Rika, Keiichi, Mion, and Satoko watch Rena who sits at her desk next to a window, gazing out of it and pinning for something. Mion slyly concludes Rena is in love to Satoko's horror. Keiichi dismisses Rena's behavior as due to whatever she swallowed the day before. Rika immediately concludes that Rena must have swallowed one of the Jewels. A translucent Hanyū appears behind her to conform to her that Rena contains the Red Jewel. Rika suggests punching Rena in her stomach to force her to vomit it out, but Hanyū reveals that once swallowed, a Jewel becomes part of a person. They must bring both Jewels to the Furude Shrine to perform a removal ritual. Otherwise, Rena will fall in love with whoever ingests the white Jewel. Hanyū makes euphemistically clear that Rena will even lose her virginity with that person.

    When an exasperated Rika demands to know why Hanyū would create such a dangerous thing, Hanyū simply vanishes, leaving Satoko, Mion, and Keiichi to wonder what Rika was doing by herself. This indicates that they cannot see Hanyū. Satoko slyly suggests that Rika knows something about Rena's condition. Rika first tries to feign innocence with a "Miii," then breaks down and shows the scroll and explains the details to them. At this point, Mion notices that the illustrations look like a "seal-shaped key-holder" which is a reference to the risque jokes regarding Keiichi's key-holder in past Arcs. Mion and Keiichi both demonstrate that they understand Rika's euphemism for sex and understand the danger Rena faces.

    Satoko notices that Rena wistfully reads a photography magazine and, without saying his name, Keiichi agrees that only one man in Hinamizawa takes photographs. Suddenly, Rena announces to Mion she does not feel well and will go home. To Mion's shock, she twirls happily and exits. Satoko, using the same euphemism, warns that Rena and whoever has the white Jewel are heading towards having sex, and the four vow to prevent that from happening.

    Outside the Furude shrine, a stunned and sweating Miyo reacts to hearing Rena frankly asking someone to teach her about "cameras and also about other things, too." The smitten Rena playfully touches a smiling Jirō who asks what she means by "other things." The irritated Miyo rhetorically suggests that he is good with
    Photography 101

    Rena inquires about expanding lenses.

    teaching about "other things," "even if you're not asked?!" Rena coos that she is willing to learn about "other things" provided Jirō is her teacher while Miyo fumes. Mion, Keiichi, Satoko, and Rika come upon them. Keiichi tries to tell Rena that her feelings are a "lie," to which Rena vehemently denies as she clutches Jirō's arm between her breasts. Nearly reduced to jelly, Jirō tries again to protest that Miyo is already his partner as he not too convincingly struggles to pull away. Rena claims that Takano is merely "just" his "friend,"--tomodachi. Miyo stammers then laugh at that designation. She condescendingly concludes that Rena does not understand "adult relationships yet." Sticking her tongue out, Rena insists she does to Miyo's irritated shock.

    Rena tells Jirō she will dress up as a nurse for him. Jirō tries one more time to claim he already has Miyo, to which Rena darkly asks if he prefers someone who will not dress up as a nurse no matter how many times he asks. Miyo protests that Jirō would never ask for that, to which Rena shrieks "Lies!" in reference to her infamous admonishment to Keiichi in Onikakushi-hen. Jirō retracts in horror as a dark and serious Rena lectures Miyo that he does not want to take pictures of birds; he wants to take pictures of Miyo, but Miyo will not let him. She judges Miyo as "cruel" and a "failure as a partner." Appearing as the crazed Rena from previous arcs, Rena announces that she will, therefore, take Jirō, then transforms into her Cute Mode to take Jirō home. From nowhere, she produces both a pink and white nurse's uniforms and asks an overwhelmed Jirō which he prefers. Miyo storms off declaring that he can "teach" Rena whatever he wants. At that point, Keiichi signals Satoko who activates a remote control. Fireworks descend upon and stun Jirō. Keiichi and the rest search him for the other Jewel, but they cannot find it. A translucent Hanyū confirms to Rika that Jirō does not possess the Jewel. At that point, they all realize Rena has disappeared.

    Miyo storms down the road alone ranting about Jirō while declaring that, if he "really, really wanted it," she "might" have let him take pictures of her in her nurse's uniform. A bright spark appears, and Miyo suddenly acts girlish and embarrassed, imagining "But if he really wanted it," only to find herself standing in front of Rena. The embarrassed Miyo wonders if Rena wants to ask her about something, and Rena proclaims her love for her. Miyo is shocked as Rena draws so close to her their breasts touch. Rena calls Miyo "Big Sister"--oneesama--and begs to be Miyo's "Little Sister" as she imagines herself in a Catholic school girl's uniform where her upperclasswoman Miyo will "adjust her crocked scarf."
    Rena and Big Sister

    Rena hopes "Big Sister" will adjust her crocked scarf.

    When Miyo protests that, despite what some people may think, she is "not that kind of--" Rena interrupts her with "Lies!" Rena then darkly tells Miyo that she noticed the "disgusted look" in her eyes whenever she looked at men. Men are mere "beasts" and "apes." Rena declares that she wishes to experience the "real" Watanagashi Festival with her. Keiichi, Mion, Satoko, Rika, and a translucent Hanyū come upon them. Keiichi tries to explain Rena's condition to Miyo as her having lost her mind and thinking it is "Spring." Looking into Rena's "puppy dog" eyes, Miyo explodes at Keiichi. She claims that she always found something
    Miyo Retorts

    Miyo expresses her disagreement with Keiichi's suggestion that Rena has lost her mind.

    "missing" with Jirō and embraces Rena to the shock of the rest. When Satoko attempts to separate them, Rena punches her across the road as Miyo happily declares that they will unleash Oyashiro-sama's curse and live together forever. Hanyū remarks to Rika that they will have the Hinamizawa Disaster by the following night.
    Rena and Miyo

    A determined Satoko demands that Miyo return the white seal key-holder she has to Rika. Miyo searches her pocket and produces the white Jewel. Mion accidentally reveals that is it a Furude Shrine treasure which captures Miyo's attention. She gleefully asks Rena to accompany her exploring the Furude Shrine treasures. Rena dispatches each of the kids save a shocked Hanyū who watches the carnage and declares Rena is now unstoppable. As they lay twitching on the ground, the rest of the kids conclude they must go to the Irie Clinic for help.

    Alone in her office, with the kids spying on her through the window, Miyo laments that she can no longer find the white Jewel. They conclude that Miyo no longer possesses it and search for Rena in her junkyard. They do not find her, but they find in her abandoned bus a collection of mahjong books. At the mahjong parlor, Rena sits with Akasaka, Ōishi, and the pathologist playing mahjong. When Akasaka claims he is a tile away from winning, Rena stuns him with her "Lies!" shout. Darkly, she explains that Akasaka has been bluffing for the last five turns. Ōishi complements her play as Akasaka confesses she read him. Rena clutches Ōishi and declares she only wanted to play with him. The kids with the translucent Hanyū enter the parlor. Hanyū reveals to Rika that Ōishi possesses the Jewel. When they ask him to return Rika's "keychain," Ōishi states he needs Rena to stay to help him win back his losses. Keiichi, pushing the pathologist out of his chair, offers to play for the keychain. He will partner with Akasaka while Ōishi partners with Rena.

    Hanyū tells Rika that Ōishi has a bad hand. Rika relays this information to Keiichi. Keiichi challenges Ōishi only to lose. Hanyū realizes that Ōishi simply did not bother to arrange his tiles. The game progresses to a point that Keiichi must decide which tile to play. Akasaka and Mion try to convey the correct one to him. He does, giving Akasaka the most points. Ōishi tosses the Jewel to Keiichi as Keiichi takes a big yawn and accidentally swallows it. Satoko takes hold of him as Mion repeatedly punches him in the stomach. Rika instructs the rest to bring Keiichi and Rena to the Furude Shrine.

    In the shrine as they wait for the ritual, Rena thanks Keiichi for saving her. Embarrassed, Keiichi tells her not to read into his actions too much. Rena sheepishly figures that having someone like her clinging to him would prove irritating. Keiichi replies that it is not that he does not like her; she should direct such feelings to someone she truly loves, and she should not be forced by the Jewel to direct her affections to him. Though afraid it is Jewel's power compelling her, Rena confesses her love for Keiichi. She explains that if Jewel's power disappears, she still wants to tell him that. Keiichi still does not quite understand Rena's true feelings and encourages her not to give into the powers of the Jewel. Rena wistfully states that she hopes Jewel's power will soon fade. With an "Auauauau," Hanyū declares to Rika that Rena truthfully confessed her love to Keiichi. In her adult voice, Rika replies that she heard Rena and, "for some reason," Rena's confession "really pisses me off." Hanyū happily chirps that it is good Satoko and Mion did not hear Rena's confession and everything "will be back to normal," as Rika grouses.

    The next day outside the school, Rika complains that everything is not "back to normal," as Miyo and Jirō fight over Rena. While Keiichi, Mion, and Satoko watch in stunned silence, Rika happily realizes that since the Jewels are not responsible, there is nothing more for her to do. As penance, she declares that she must eat a parfait of kimchi, wasabi, and mustard for every meal which sends Hanyū into a panic.

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