Irie Kyōsuke/Infobox
入江 京介

Ir pc dr

Ir pc cas

Ir pc bs

Irie hakui

Irie sifuku

Irie baseball

  • Director/Coach (監督, kantoku)
  • Iry, or Iri
  • Age Late 20s to early 30s
    Birthday December 3
    Weapon(s) Gun
    Daybreak Weapon(s)
  • Medical Treatment Set
  • Hospitalization Set
  • Support Set
  • Catchphrase "Maid-in-Heaven!"
    First Appearance Onikakushi-hen

    Tatarigoroshi-hen (Identified)

    Portrayed By
  • Seki Toshihiko
  • Dave Mallow
  • Tanaka Kōtarō
  • Image Song HEAVEN'S Door

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