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Age  ?
First Appearance Tsumihoroboshi-hen

Akihito (アキヒト) is the man Rena's mother left her husband to be with. Rena first met him at an amusement park her mother took her to, and she introduced him as a friend from work. At first, Rena got along well with Akihito and had fun whenever her mother took her out to see him. However, when her mother eventually revealed the reason she was seeing Akihito and wanted to marry him was that she was pregnant with his child, Rena's trigger for the Hinamizawa Syndrome was set off and her father was devastated. Rena considered it her own fault for not rejecting Akihito from the moment they met. After the divorce, Rena broke all of her mother's possessions and vowed to never have anything to do with her or Akihito again. She has never seen or heard from them since.


Age Middle age
First Appearance Yoigoshi-hen

In June of 2006, Akutagawa (芥川) drove to the ghost village of Hinamizawa with three other people in a carbon monoxide suicide party. His reasons for ending his life is unknown, but it is hinted to be touching and tragic. On the way to the village, he recollected on the events of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster that occurred 23 years before.



Age  ?
First Appearance Yoigoshi-hen

Chiaki (千秋) took part in a carbon monoxide suicide party in the ghost village of Hinamizawa in late June of 2006. Her reasons for ending her life are unknown, but it is hinted to involve the death of her husband. The husband left Chiaki with huge amount of money that he had earned with the success of his business, and she intended to "bring it to him" once she was dead. Otobe Akira, who also took part in the suicide, intended to die due to his life of debt. However, he decided to keep his life, and steal Chiaki's cash card once everyone else was done passing around sleeping pills.

Otobe later regretted his actions, and returned the money to her body. Then Chiaki's voice spoke to him from beyond the "Land of the Dead", and told him that she thinks he's okay to take her money, if it gives him the will to live again. Otobe refused, and accepted the hardships of his life, instead of cheating his way through it. Chiaki told him that she and the rest of the suicide party would have taken the same path if they had over come their struggles with everything they had, and she wished him good luck.


Hōjō Satoko and Satoshi's ParentsEdit

Hōjō Satoko's and Satoshi's Parents
Age  ?
First Appearance Matsuribayashi-hen

Tatarigoroshi-hen (anime flashback)

Portrayed By Masami Iwasaki (Mr. Hojo)

Very little is known about them other than their mother married and divorced more than one man. Satoko, in particular, has a difficult time developing a relationship with her stepfathers. Their last stepfather led the proponents of the dam project. He and their mother perished in an apparent accident as a scenic viewing point on a cliff over the waters of the major river in Hinamizawa: his body was found, but her body was lost. As such, they were considered cursed by Oyashiro-sama with the husband killed and the mother "demoned away."

In the "perfect world" of Saikoroshi-hen, Satoko gives her stepfather a chance, and the two, along with Satoshi, develop a good relationship to avoid the tragedies of the other arcs.


Kurosawa TakumiEdit

Kurosawa Takumi
黒澤 工
Age Mid 20's
First Appearance Yoigoshi-hen
Portrayed By Akira Ishida

Kurosawa Takumi (黒澤 工) is Towada Yae's abusive boyfriend and the first victim in Yoigoshi-hen. Takumi and Yae fell in love during their college years. Unlike Yae, Takumi was always chasing his unreachable dreams, even after their graduation. This made his girlfriend's life hard, since she had to pay all their expenses. Takumi was always at home watching TV or drinking beer. After a while he started to abuse Yae whenever they ended up arguing, which further made Yae unhappy. Eventually, Takumi found a stable job, which he wanted to tell Yae about during their trip in Hinamizawa.

Takumi is the first dead person in the story to speak, revealing the new aspect of Hinamizawa as being connected to the "land of the dead". When accompanying Yae to their car, he was already dead, appearing to her as a spirit only because of their feelings. At "Mion's" prompting he tells the group that he regretted how he had treated Yae, and that he had intended to make their trip to Hinamizawa a turning point. He'd give up on his dreams, get a real job, and stop making her sad because he loved her so.



Age  ?
First Appearance Yoigoshi-hen

In June 2006, Machi (マチ) joined a carbon monoxide suicide party in the ghost village of Hinamizawa. Her reasons for dying are unknown, however it is hinted that it involves the deaths of her family. Since the village was called the "land of the dead", she hoped that she would see the ghosts of her dead family members, and is disheartened to the idea


Age  ?
First Appearance Yoigoshi-hen
Portrayed By Shibata Hidekatsu

Mifune (三船) is a character who only appears in Yoigoshi-hen as the antagonist of the arc. Mifune was once a confidant of Sonozaki Akane's husband. Shortly before the events of Yoigoshi-hen, he arranges for her assassination in a bid to take over the Sonozaki House. He and his men pursue "Sonozaki Mion" into the abandoned Hinamizawa village in an attempt to kill her and take the bell for himself, but is ultimately killed by Sonozaki Shion.

It is unclear whether or not Mifune had any blood tie to the family, or was simply a powerful member of their organization.


Orphanage StaffEdit

Orphanage Staff
Orphanage staff1
Age  ?
First Appearance Matsuribayashi-hen
Portrayed By

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Real Estate AgentEdit

Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agent
First Appearance Matsuribayashi-hen
Portrayed By Satoshi Tsuruoka

He is a real estate agent in Hinamizawa who sells a house to Maebara Ichirō

Appearance Edit

He has brown eyes and short brown short hair. He wears glasses, a white shirt with a charcoal tie.


Sonozaki SōheiEdit

Sonozaki Sōhei was the leader of the Sonozaki family during World War II and the husband of Sonozaki Oryō. He made a lot of money on the black market by selling canned food which he probably had stolen from a food storage in China where he had been working. He gave this money to his wife Oryō, who rebuilt Hinamizawa, which had been falling apart near the end of the war. But in the late 1950s a bad rumor came up. Sōhei had allegedly belonged to a scientific military unit. By doing research on how to supply the starving Japanese army with food, they reportedly tried to use human bodies for nutritional purposes. Moreover, the rumor blamed Sōhei to have distributed canned human flesh and having become rich by such means. However, he denied this allegation until the day he died.