Maebara House
Alternate Name Maebara Mansion
First Appearance Onikakushi-hen
Based on The house behind the Shirakawa-go Road Station

The Maebara House is a large house in Hinamizawa. Due to its enormous size it's also called "Maebara Mansion" by the villagers. The house was built by the Maebara Family after they had to move from their hometown, Tokyo. Because of its size, many people in villiage believes that the Maebara family is rich, however, they're only middle-class. The house is only huge because the family's head, Maebara Ichirō, has an art gallery and sometimes his clients visits it.


  • In Onikakushi-hen, the mansion becomes a murder scene after Keiichi beats Mion and Rena to death.
  • The foundations that the house was built on used to be an open lot until 1983. It is the same lot where Keiichi dad's saw Rika and Hanyū playing.

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