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  • I just wrote paragraphs of blather wondering where the "Desceased" category was. Never noticed it in Rika's page, for example. It showed up better on the bottom of articles on another browser. Sorry I never noticed it before. ^^,

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  • Since you have, obviously, been here a long time, could you give a reason for removing the sentence in Tatarigoroshi-hen. Granted, it is not a very well-constructed sentence, but I imagine the objection is over the content rather than the prose.

    I restored it for now. If you prefer to discuss it on the comments for that page that is fine.

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    • "However, it is shown in other arcs she was not the best person to begin with. In some she appears to have stolen money from the yakuza headed by Shion and Mion's father.".

      1. This is more of a charachter biography, it has nothing to do with the way Rina was killed in Tatarigoroshi-hen.

      2. We shouldn't mention spoilers from the answer arcs on a question arcs' page. In Tatarigoroshi-hen, we don't really know who is Rina.

      I'm not going to undo your edit, but I think that sentence should go to Rina's page

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    • No, that makes perfect sense.

      Busy at the moment, but I will re-remove it and see about putting it in Rina's page.

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