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Minai Madoka
南井 まどか
First Appearance Onisarashi-hen
Portrayed By Asami Shimoda

Minai Madoka (南井 まどか) is a new character who appeared in Kagebōshi-hen, Tokihogushi-hen, and in Miotsukushi-hen of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna. She also makes a cameo apperance in Onisarashi-hen. Madoka is the younger sister of Minai Tomoe with a carefree personality. She works as a traffic cop in the Kakiuchi Police Department. She has access to information that normally only people in the Intelligence Division of the Police force would have on account of the fact that her husband is the Intelligence Supervisor.

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Madoka looks like her sister except the hair. She wears a police uniform.

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