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Miracle Change (ミラクルチェンジ, Miracle Change) is a series of ending themes for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira. There are four versions of this song for each episode of the OVA:
  1. 前代未聞☆ミラクルチェンジ, (Unprecedented☆Miracle Change) – Rena ver
  2. 天真爛漫☆ミラクルチェンジ, (Innocent☆Miracle Change) – Rika and Satoko ver
  3. 以心伝心☆ミラクルチェンジ, (Tacit Understanding☆Miracle Change) – Mion and Shion ver
  4. 勇気凛々☆ミラクルチェンジ, (High-Spirited☆Miracle Change) – Hanyū ver

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