Ozaki Nagisa
尾崎 渚
Age Probably 16
First Appearance Tokihogushi-hen
Portrayed By Nigo Mayako

Ozaki Nagisa is a new character who appeared in Tokihogushi-hen and was mentioned in Miotsukushi-hen. She was born in Ibaraki and was a childhood friend of Rena and unfortunately, a relative of one of the male classmates that Rena attacked back in 1982.

She helps Tomoe with her investigation involving Rena's case. Near the end of the Tokihogushi-hen, Nagisa found out about Tokyo's plan that she tried to warn Tomoe and Rena but was knocked unconscious and got kidnapped by someone. She woke up and escaped out of the car from her kidnapper, but was later run over by a truck during the process, leaving her kidnapper unidentified to Tomoe.

Trivia Edit

Her name bears a similarity to the character Okazaki Nagisa (originally Furukawa Nagisa) from the anime and visual novel Clannad.