Ryūgū Rena
竜宮 レナ

Re pc sch

Re pc cas

Re pc pe

Ren 1c

Rena Matsuri1

Rena Matsuri2

Rena Matsuri3

Rena AM

Re se de a1

Re si de a1

Alternate Name Ryūgū Reina, 竜宮 礼奈
  • Cleaver Girl (鉈女, nata onna)
  • Cute Mode (かぁいいモード, kaaii mode)
  • Age 15
    Birthday July 28, 1967
  • Nata (cleaver/hatchet) (鉈, nata)
  • Baseball bat (used in Ibaraki)
  • Lead Pipe (Used in Tsumihoroboshi-hen)
  • Daybreak Weapon(s)
  • Nata
  • Axe
  • Ironclad Nata
  • Catchphrase
  • "Hauu~! I want to take it home~!" ("はぅ〜! お持ち帰りぃ〜!" "Haū~! Omochikaerī~!")
  • "I wonder, I wonder?" ("かな、かな?" "Kana, kana?")
  • First Appearance Onikakushi-hen
    Portrayed By
  • Nakahara Mai
  • Mela Lee
  • Matsumaya Airi
  • Image Song Egao Happy Peace ♪

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