Sonozaki Akane
園崎 茜

Aka pc

Akane sifuku

Nickname Mii mama (魅ママ)

"Demon Princess of Shishibone"

Birthday November 6
Weapon(s) Katana

Higurashi Daybreak Weapons

  • Mumei
  • Tamahiki
  • Iai Katana
  • First Appearance Meakashi-hen
    Portrayed By
  • Inoue Kikuko
  • Megan Hollingshead
  • Sonozaki Akane (園崎 茜) is the eldest daughter of Sonozaki Oryō, the current head of the Sonozaki family. She fell in love with an outsider yakuza boss who was not selected nor approved by the family. When Oryō rejected their union, Akane rebelled. Both enraged, they settled the matter in a spectacular kendo styled sword fight. However, Akane was later forced to peel off her fingernail as restitution, and lost the right of inheritance to the family as a result of the outrageous event. She soon gave birth to twin girls, Sonozaki Mion and Sonozaki Shion, and the right of inheritance fell to the eldest of her children, "Mion." As is eventually revealed in the Sound Novel, manga, and anime, Mion and her sister Shion changed places prior to the ceremony where Mion would receive the demon tatoo in recognition of her status. Thus, Shion received the tatoo but took the identity of Mion while Mion became Shion. There is no indication that their parents or Oryō ever discover this. 

    Akane still appears at public functions, often with her husband, whose name is never revealed, and whose considerable intelligence contacts have proven very useful to Oryō. Akane's husband is not to be confused with Sonozaki Saburou, who actually works for the Prefectural Assembly, and is not part of the yakuza.

    Although publicly she cannot be forgiven, Akane told a very young Mion that she and her mother are still very close and friendly in private. 

    While the parents may seem absent to the turmoil the children suffer, in Matsuribayashi-hen Akane becomes an important piece in the plan to defeat Miyo Takano. 

    In Yoigoshi-hen, Akane takes over the family after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster. Although technically not able to inherit, she takes power citing that the true successor, her daughter, is still too young to do so. She is later nearly assassinated by a competitor within the group and is badly wounded. She was hospitalized and later died in the hospital where she was treated.


    • Akane's manga illustration by Hinase Momoyama
    • An aged Akane's manga illustration by Mimori
    • Akane's manga illustration by Karin Suzuragi

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