Sonozaki Shion/Infobox
園崎 詩音

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Alternate Name Sonozaki Mion, 園崎 魅音
  • Shii-chan (詩ぃちゃん)
  • Shii (詩ぃ)
  • Age 17
    Birthday July 10, 1966 (February 11 according to Matsuri)
  • Modified Taser/Stun Gun
  • Hunting Knife
  • Dagger
  • Modified spiked torture whips
  • AK-47 assault rifle (seen once in Matsuribayashi-hen)
  • Santoku
  • SVD Dragunov sniper rifle (seen once in Matsuribayashi-hen)
  • Daybreak Weapon(s)
  • Combat Knifes
  • Modified Taser/Stun Gun
  • Torture Chamber Whips
  • First Appearance Watanagashi-hen
    Portrayed By
  • Satsuki Yukino
  • Kelli Kassidi
  • Image Song
  • Ienai Kotoba
  • Futari no Birthday
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