Sora no Mukou
Artist Yuzuki Kaoru
Composer dai

Sora no Mukou (Beyond the Sky) is the second of the four significant songs from Yours that describe the relationship between Sonozaki Shion and Hojo Satoshi. Sorayume precedes this song, and it is followed by Confession.

The version of Sora no Mukou included on Yours is a remix of the original song from the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Game OST. The main difference between the two songs are that the first verse from the original song is moved to the end of the Yours version.

Lyrics Edit

Kanji Romaji Translated
いつもの町並み いつもの声も
目に映るもの 全てが揺らぎ
Itsumo no machinami itsumo no koe mo
Me ni utsuru mono subete ga yuragi
Tesaguri de hitori de sagashite ita
Wakaru hazu na kotae
The usual streets, the usual voices
Everything reflecting in my eyes are flickering
I was searching all alone by groping along
For the answer that I should know
信じられずにまた 迷い込む未来なら
Shinjirarezu ni mata mayoikomu mirai nara
Boku wa kimi ni kono te o sashinoberareru kara
Because if, unable to believe in you, I’m to become lost again in the future
Then I can still extend my hand to you
どうか気づいて その顔上げて
Sora no mukou kara yobikakeru koe
Douka kizuite sono kao agete
Yasashii sekai o yume ni egaita
Ano basho ni modorou
A voice calls out from across the sky
Please notice and raise your face
I drew a tender world in my dreams
Let’s return to that place
ここにいる すぐそばにいるよ
どんな時でも 君のことを信じているよ
Koko ni iru sugu soba ni iru yo
Donna toki de mo kimi no koto o shinjite iru yo
I’m here, I’ll right by your side
At anytime, I believe in you
あの頃に戻ろう みんなで
Sora no mukou made hirogaru mirai
Te o toriatte tobitatte ikou
Egao de itai to sou negatteta
Ano koro ni modoru minna de
The future spreads across the sky
Let’s take up each other’s hands and fly away
I want to have a smile, so I wished
We’ll return to that time with everyone
Tojita me o sotto hiraite goran
Miwataseba atatakai hikari
Hitori de wa dekinai koto bakari de mo
Minna ga ireba kitto dekiru kara
Please gently open your closed eyes
If you look over, there’s a warm light
Because even if there are only things that you can’t do alone
If everyone is here, then surely you can do it


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