Tōdō Akira
藤堂 暁

Tōdō Akira Kizuna School

Tōdō Akira Kizuna Casual

Age 15-16

Early 20's in Epilogue

First Appearance Onisarashi-hen
Portrayed By Satoshi Hino

Tōdō Akira is a character in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series and a major character of Onisarashi-hen and Someutsushi-hen.

Character SummaryEdit

Soon after he meets Kimiyoshi Natsumi, he confesses his love for her. When Natsumi is being questioned by Akasaka Mamoru and Ōishi Kuraudo, he goes to pick her up and walks her to her house. Upon arriving, talismans are placed all over the house, and Akira leaves. When Natsumi says that she isn't related to Hinamizawa, he is the only one who sticks up for her.

Later, he has a conversation with Ōishi and Akasaka regarding Natsumi's relationship with Hinamizawa and Oyashiro-sama. After his conversation, he calls Natsumi's house from a nearby payphone and hears someone cry for help. When he reaches the Kimiyoshi residence, he looks for Natsumi. However, as soon as he finds her, Haruko smashes a vase on his head and knocks him out. After the Kimiyoshi family incident, he forgives Natsumi for lying to him about her relationship with Hinamizawa.


Akira in Onisarashi-hen's epilogue

While Natsumi is in the hospital, Akira helps her with her schoolwork. When he tells her that she was the one who killed her family, she, in her confusion, stabs him. Akasaka and Ōishi state that Akira has two choices. One choice is to die, while the other is live in despair. Akasaka thinks that he chose the latter. However, he forgives her.

In the epilogue of Onisarashi-hen, he is shown to be living in a small town and goes to a university there. It is revealed that he had been separated from Natsumi for 5 years. When he found her, she was being cared for by Kimiyoshi family members. However, they kept her locked in a talisman-filled room, because she was "cursed by Oyashiro-sama". He rescued and married her, so she would be freed from the name "Kimiyoshi". Also, he told her that he was the one who killed her family, so she wouldn't be hurt. Being too unstable to live in a house, he moved her to a local clinic where he visits her often.


Kimiyoshi NatsumiEdit

At the beginning of Onisarashi-hen, Akira confesses his love to Natsumi. He forgives her for killing her family and even forgives her for stabbing him. Later, in Onisarashi-hen's epilogue, he is married to Natsumi. He tells her that he killed her family, so she won't have to endure as much psychological suffering.



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