The Higurashi no Naku Koro ni sound novels use intermissions where the player can obtain TIPS. They give the player information that may or may not be useful to the player in solving the mystery.

List of TIPSEdit

Onikakushi-hen TIPS

Watanagashi-hen TIPS

Tatarigoroshi-hen TIPS

Himatsubushi-hen TIPS

Episode 13 TIPS
Episode 14 TIPS
Episode 15 TIPS
Episode 16 TIPS
Episode 17 TIPS
Episode 18 TIPS
Episode 19 TIPS
Episode 20 TIPS
Episode 21 TIPS
Episode 22 TIPS
Episode 23 TIPS
Episode 24 TIPS
Episode 25 TIPS
Kai Episode 1 TIPS
Kai Episode 6 TIPS
Kai Episode 8 TIPS
Kai Episode 9 TIPS
Minagoroshi-hen TIPS
Matsuribayashi-hen TIPS

Credit goes to AnimeSuki for the translations!

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