Tamurahime no Mikoto

Tamurahime kimono

Tamurahime punishment

Age Unknown
First Appearance Kamikanshi-hen

Tamurahime no Mikoto (田村媛命, タムラヒメノミコト) is a new character introduced for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou. She appears to be from the same group of demons as Hanyuu.


from here

Likes: Rice offerings, thousand years of peace
Dislikes: Different kinds of clans, nations because of the disturbance of wisdom

The same as Hanyuu, a leader of THINGS that are not human.
On "this earth", an ancient residence in comparison to Hanyuu's people, she once had the experience of competing with Hanyuu…

A cold relationship with Hanyuu, for not less than a hundred years they did not communicate.

Like Hanyuu, the girl's circumstances were poor. Mutually, I think they will never want to meet again.

The trouble of the gods… To bring a disaster not of this world, to the world of man…

…This story, once again moves towards tragedy.


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