The game store
The toy store is seen for the first time in Watanagashi-hen, it's located in Okinomiya. In this store, the Club go to tournament where they play a game with many children like Okamura and Tomita, the winner receive a prize of 50.000 yens. It's owned by Yoshirō, an uncle of Mion and Shion, who let them do these tournaments because it does advertissement to his store. In most worlds, they losed but Keiichi winned a doll, in Watanagashi-hen and Meakashi-hen, he gaves the doll to Reina instead of Mion but in Minagoroshi-hen, he gaves the doll to her. In Hajisarashi-hen, Keiichi came to the store because he forgot his swimming trunks so Yoshirō wanted to give him an other, but this swimming trunks was cursed.