Release Date August 17, 2007
Type Image album
Language Japanese
Number of Tracks 46
Label Comiket 72

Yours is an image album for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai and the successor to Thanks/you. In line with this, Yours contains remixes of notable songs from both Thanks/you and the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Visual Novel Original Soundtrack.

The Yours set consists of three disks. There are four songs on in this album that highlight the significance of the relationship between Sonozaki Shion and Hōjō Satoshi. In order, these songs are Sorayume, Sora no Mukou, Confession, and Thanks.

Track ListingEdit

Yours (Disk 1)Edit

  1. Saigo no coin
  2. years
  3. Sorayume
  4. feel
  5. Birth and Death
  6. Cradle Song
  7. Gray
  8. Hitoe
  9. Fearlessness
  10. C- examination
  11. Conviction
  12. Testament
  13. Kyo
  14. Live
  15. Oto nashi no mora
  16. Sorayume (Vocal. Ver. ~Shion~)
  17. Gray Ep.

Yours (Disk 2)Edit

  1. Sora no mukou
  2. Futari. Hitori
  3. being
  4. you ~destructive
  5. Search and destroy
  6. Matsuri
  7. Kojitsudan
  8. air pizz
  9. Sora no Mukou (Vocal Ver.)

Yours (Disk 3)Edit

  1. Confession (Vocal Ver.)
  2. thanks
  3. Iru
  4. Kage
  5. Soul Scour
  6. you(M.Box fuu)
  7. Confession
  8. you
  9. Loreley
  10. Kokoro
  11. Don't Cry
  12. Sora no mukou Ver.1 .01
  13. day
  14. Heppoko 3pun Cooking
  15. Friend
  16. Kairi
  17. Iku Seisou
  18. Thanks (Vocal Ver.)
  19. hello
  20. Good- Bye

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